• Repairing Bounce Houses - When the Fun Need Fixing

    With all the fun and excitement that comes with playing on a bounce house there is a downside as well. Eventually bounce house repairs will need to be made. Most bounce houses hold up well to all the activity considering what kind of activity it is. The fact is all bounce houses over time will show different signs of wear and tear. Most damage done to bounce houses view full post

  • To Rent or Buy a Bounce House

    With summer time fast approaching and kids getting out of school soon means parents are searching for fun to be had to keep them entertained. It’s hard to keep children entertained all summer long while the parents work. Of course there are parks, swimming, play dates and summer programs. But, what about when all that fun winds down, what then? More parents are looking at inflatable bounce houses for their children to have fun in the sun. More and more you see them showing up in yards everywhere. With all the newest styles, there will be one to make every kid, (and even parents), happy with all day play right out their back doo view full post

  • Bounce Houses and Inflatable Slides Create Family Fun Anytime

    When searching for the perfect way to create family fun anytime, consider the awesome bounce houses and inflatable slides that BouncerLand offers. You’ll find that there is a large variety of inflatables that can turn your family’s backyard into a child’s entertainment park. Safe and Fun Each of our inflatables offers fun as well as safety for your children. Each parent can rest assured that each of our items is made with nothing but the finest quality material available. Each of our backyard toys are tested to ensure safety as well as durability making them safe and sound. Our inflatables are able to hold up to all of view full post

  • Repairing Inflatable Bounce Houses

    Summer time is coming, meaning the kids will be out of school looking for fun to be had. You want them outside, but they say, "And do what"? What better way to have fun when you’re a kid than to bounce or to play on an inflatable water slide? There are so many new varieties of inflatables offering something for every age and gender. When you have an entire summer with many kinds playing on one inflatable, no matter what the size is, damage is going to happen. Jumping, sliding, environment and activity can cause, holes, cuts, mildew and leakage. Knowing the materials used to make a bounce house will help you with repairs. How view full post

  • Bounce Houses and Inflatable Slides - Never Rent Again

    Inflatable-joy is able to offer you a large variety of bounce houses and inflatable slides in which you can purchase so that you never have to rent the entertainment that you choose for your children ever again. Owning the bounces houses and inflatable slides will also provide you a great deal of money savings that each parent is looking for.   Large Size Selection You’ll love knowing that you can choose from a large size of inflatables for your backyard to entertain your children. The size of your backyard may determine the size of inflatables that you choose to purchase. You will want to make sure that you don’t pl view full post

  • Fun Found by Bouncing

    Where the fun all began Times have changed since the only option parents had of buying their children something to jump on was the trampoline. Now, in modern times there is the bounce house. What kid doesn't like to jump up and down on something, bouncing around in midair as if they were flying? In 1959, John Scurlock had an idea of creating an inflatable cover for tennis courts. Seems his employees had other ideas for the invention once they discovered where they real fun was in his creation. The employees found the thrill of jumping on the inflatable tennis court cover. When the air would run out, they would fill it back up view full post

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